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Anopol Ltd is the largest UK company specialising in the cleaning, pickling, passivating and electropolishing of stainless steels and nickel alloys. The company has extensive sub-contract facilities for carrying out these processes in Birmingham and Bordon, Hampshire.

Anopol also designs and supplies a large range of plant for companies wishing to carry out the various processes in-house, including water treatment equipment. A speciality is automated, fully enclosed, multi-stage installations, which offer safety and environmental advantages to the plant operative.
Advanced chemicals for electropolishing, pickling and passivating are available from Anopol for use in these installations.

The company also manufactures an extensive range of products for cleaning stainless steels, including pickling pastes and cleaning solutions. In addition, portable WELDKLEEN and MINIKLEEN machines are available for electrochemical removal of welding oxides.

Stainless Steel test kits are stocked for differentiating between grades 304 and 316 (Molytest) and for checking for free iron contamination on stainless steel surfaces (Ferrotest).

On-site services for electropolishing, pickling and cleaning of stainless steel are readable available from Anopol worldwide. The company has over 40 years experience in this area and has operated in numerous countries.

A product which benefits from this expertise is public sculpture. A full report on this subject can be downloaded here.

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David Cass
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Process Plant:  Electropolishing plant, Electropolishing products, Pickling plant, Passivating plant, Weld cleaning machines

Surface Treatment Products:  Grade check chemicals, Iron contamination test kits, Passivating products, Pickling chemicals, Pickling pastes

Water and Sewage Treatment:  Effluent treatment equipment


Cleaning and Restoration:  Refurbishment of components, Refurbishment of fabrications

Surface Treatment:  Descaling, Electropolishing – in-house, Passivating, Pickling, Tube polishing (external), Tube polishing (internal), Colouring

Testing Services:  Testing services