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A UK based manufacturer and stockist of precision tubes

Amari Precision Tubes was established in January 2016 through the merging of H. Rollet, Blackheath Tube and Cole & Swallow Materials. This merger represented a pooling of expertise and knowledge of three major tube manufacturing and processing firms. This has led to significant investment in new premises, stock, plant and equipment; strengthening our technical capabilities and commitment to excellence while securing a long-term, highly competitive future.

Our unrivalled depth of knowledge and wealth of experience combined with our outstanding technical capabilities means that we can make or source high quality materials. We are highly skilled in all manufacturing processes which allows us to produce tube to extremely tight tolerances – meeting national and international standards while incorporating our customers’ unique specifications.

As the only UK manufacturer & stockist of Defence Standard tube in 90/10 and 70/30 copper-nickel and copper, our commitment to producing the highest quality tube has led to Amari Precision Tubes becoming a valued supplier to a number of 1st tier military sub-contractors.

Additionally, we are the only manufacturer and stockist of rigid, circular and rectangular waveguide tubing in the UK and Europe. Our unrivalled depth of knowledge and wealth of experience has built our impeccable reputation as a trusted supplier and producer of high quality, precision-engineered waveguide components.

For our customers we are not only a tube manufacturer but also a development partner and supplier offering a full spectrum of tubular products. We are committed to delivering superior products, meeting customer’s specifications and supplying products on time and to budget.

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