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At 3DGBIRE we aim to provide a 360 degree service, we don’t just supply the most innovative 3DGBIRE certified Additive Manufacturing equipment we offer personalised consultations, training, technical support and even a print bureau service, to enable you and your business to get the most from these groundbreaking technologies. We believe that the key to the successful adoption of 3D printing is dependent on the integration of machines, materials, software, workforce training, technical support and in depth consultation to harness the knowledge of our many industry experts to develop the correct solution for your business.

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Leah Melling
Marketing Manager & Business Operations
01257 228411


Aerospace: Aircraft components
Automotive: Automotive trim, Battery boxes
Fabrications: Fabricated components, High temperature fabrications
Fixings: Brackets


Cutting & Bending Machinery: Servicing & repair
Design Services: Product design, Product design & manufacture, Reverse engineering
Engineering Consumable Repair and Refurbishment: CNC Circular Saw Blade Grinding
Fabrication: Fabrication, Metal jacketing/cladding/insulation
Machining: CNC machining, General machining