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Success for Stainless Steel - durable reinforced concrete bridges

(This copyright material originally appeared in CONCRETE, March 2003, and is reported by permission of The Concrete Society, Century House, Telford Avenue, Crowthorne, Berkshire RG45 6YS, UK.) The Highways Agency code BA 84/02, Use of stainless steel reinforcement in highway structures is briefly outlined. Where stainless and carbon steel bars are in contact, it is noted that there is no need for electrical insulation as tests have shown that there is negligible galvanic, (bimetallic), reaction in concrete. European stainless steel reinforcement bar producers are obtaining UK CARES certification. The implementation of BA 84/02 along with the latest issue, (2001), of BS 6744 for bridge structures is discussed. Finally examples of the successful application of stainless steel reinforcement are given. The relevance of BS 8666 to the bending of stainless steel is noted.

Stainless Steel

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