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Stainless Steel for Hygienic Applications

Paper originally delivered at the BSSA Conference, ‘Stainless Solutions for a Sustainable Future’, held in Rotherham on the 3rd April 2003. This paper discusses applications for stainless steels in beverage, dairy and food, drinking water supply, medical devices and pharmaceutical industry applications. Chloride limits in waters for grade selection and metal ion release criteria are outlined. The EU Medical Device Directive sets criteria for medical devices that stainless steels can meet and the range of grades used for various devices is also discussed along with the scope of ISO standards 7153 and 5832, (surgical implants). The application of grades 1.4006, (410), 1.4021, (420), 1.4122, 1.4116 and 1.4125, (440C), martensitic, 1.4016, (430), ferritic, 1.4301, (304), 1.4305, (303), and 1.4401, (316), austenitic and 1.4462, (2205), and 1.4362, (2304), duplex grades in these industries is outlined.


Stainless steel for Hygienic Applications Conf 03 SSS

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