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Related duplex stainless steel grades


The table is intended to relate former BS, En, German and Swedish grade designations to the current EN steel numbers, AISI grades, (‘grades’ in, (brackets), are not a true AISI grades), and UNS, (Unified Numbering System) numbers. The table is based on the ‘wrought’, i.e. long products, (bars etc), flat products, (plates etc.), steel numbers published in EN 10088 and related standards. Castings products use different compositions and so have their own steel numbers in EN 10283. The related castings grades in both EN 10283 and BS 3100 are included in the table.

The ‘Composition Guide’ is intended to represent the composition only. This does not show the specified or typical compositions of commercially available steels. Specified ranges for the wrought European grades can be found in either the BS EN 10088-2 or BS EN 10088-3 tables. None of the steels listed were included in either BS 970 or BS 1449. The castings grades specified ranges can be found in the BS EN 10283 or BS 3100 tables. Direct links to tables giving the specified range is available for the grades with underlines in the table. Just click on the number.

As an alternative to scanning down the list try the ‘find’ facility on your keyboard, using the ‘Ctrl’ and ‘F’ keys together. Type in the term you are looking for in the dialog box that then appears.

These are comparisons only and cannot be assumed to be direct equivalent grades. The data given is not intended to replace that shown in individual standards to which reference should always be made.

Grades table


EN (10088) Common Names BS (Wrought) AISI UNS En German SS EN (10283) BS (Cast) Composition Guide
. . . . . . . . . . C Cr Ni Mo Others
1.4162 LDX 2101 S32101 0.030x 21.5 1.5 0.3 5Mn
1.4362 SAF2304/UR35N S32304 X2CrNiN23-4 2327 0.030x 22 4 0.4 0.4Cu
1.4410 SAF2507/UR47N/F53 S32750 2328 1.4468 0.030x 24 6 3
1.4460 453S 329 S32900 X4CrNiMoN27-5-2 2324 0.05x 25 5 1.5
1.4462 SAF2205/Falc223/UR45N/F51 318S13 S31803 S32205 X2CrNiMoN22-5-3 2377 1.4470 332C15 0.030x 22 5 3
1.4501 Zeron 100/F55 S32760 1.4417 0.030x 24 6 3 0.5W
1.4507 Ferralium 255/UR52N/F61 S32550 0.030x 24 6 3 1Cu


Composition Guide figures are intended to be representative of the grade, not typical.
‘x’ indicates a maximum


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