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Online Stainless Steel in Construction Information Centre

The Online Stainless Steel in Construction Information Centre has become available.

Euro Inox, ICDA, IMOA, ISSF and Nickel Institute under the roof of Team Stainless have asked The Steel Construction Institute to prepare a set of activities which shall develop structural applications of stainless steel. These include;

– an online information centre, i.e. a portal including both structural and non-structural building applications of stainless steel

– a set of case studies

– design guidance on the use of high-strength stainless steel

– model specifications

– a cost assessment (enabling decision makers to develop realistic idea about the cost-differential between carbon steel and stainless steel solutions).

It gives users access to virtually all the information available from SSDAs world-wide on stainless steel building applications. It includes publications in English (plus potential translations into other languages). Nearly 140 resources have been added to this online database.

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