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Ensuring Future Market Access for Stainless Steel

Paper originally delivered at the BSSA Conference ‘Stainless Solutions for a Sustainable Future’ held in Rotherham on 3rd April 2003. Sustainable Development is a sociopolitical issue not a technological or economic one, which could be the reason that very few people want to know about it. It comments that the industry must demonstrate that it uses resources effectively, that they commit to continuous improvement and that its takes effective action. Doing this the industry can persuade regulators and politicians to do what the industry wants. The paper goes some way to explain why regulations relating to metals and alloys are based on risk and not simply on hazard and that stainless steel is regulated as an alloy and not as a mixture of elements. To ensure stainless steel has a bright future stainless steel and raw material suppliers need to work closely together.

Conf 03 Ensuring Future Market Access for SS

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