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Category: Water & Water Treatment

  1. Selection of stainless steels for water tank applications

    Stainless steel grades, such as the 304 or 316 types are generally suitable for storing and handling cold or unheated drinking, (town’s), waters. Hot water tanks however may be at risk from stress corrosion cracking, (SCC), Austenitic types such as 304 or 316 can be useful and are used, but in extreme cases the more ‘SCC’ resistant duplex stainless steels should be considered.

  2. Selection of stainless steels in water supply and waste water treatment

    The benefits of stainless steels are given together with guidelines for selection in different chloride levels, good design and fabrication practices, which together will promote optimum corrosion performance.

  3. Stainless steels for pipework buried in soil

    Type 304 and 316 have given good performance in many sites worldwide and are suitable for the majority of applications, including distribution of drinking, (potable), water. However, where soils are particularly aggressive, alloys providing a higher level of resistance such as 2205 duplex or superaustenitic stainless steels may be required: alternatively external protection may be applied.

  4. Stainless steels for swimming pool building applications – selection, use and avoidance of stress corrosion cracking (SCC)

    Guidelines for the grade selection, design, fabrication, maintenance, cleaning and inspection of stainless steels items for use in swimming pool buildings. Avoidance of stress corrosion cracking, (SCC), of safety-critical, load-bearing components. (57)

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