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Category: Surface Hardening

  1. Case hardening stainless steel surfaces using the Kolsterising process

    The Kolsterising process, (formerly known as the Hardcor process), is marketed in the UK by Bodycote Heat Treatments Ltd, Aldridge, (WS9 8BX). The process improves the wear and galling resistance of stainless steel part surfaces, without degrading their corrosion resistance. The fatigue and SCC resistance of the surfaces can also be enhanced. The process has been used on 1.4301, (304), 1.4307, (304L), 1.4401, (316), 1.4404, (316L), and 1.4462, (2205), stainless steel types.

  2. Surface hardening of Austenitic Stainless Steels with Nitrogen

    This article summarises the proprietary surface hardening processes Stainihard and Stainitec

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