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  1. Tolerances to ISO 18286 for hot rolled stainless steel quarto plates

    This ISO standard is designed to replace EN 10029. It covers stainless steel quarto plate, (also known as reversing mill plate). There are some significant differences to the tolerances in EN 10029 which are summarised.

  2. Tolerances to ISO 9444 Part 2 for continuously rolled wide hot rolled strip, plate/sheet and cut lengths

    The ISO standard is applicable to continuously hot rolled plate sheet and strip, also known as CPP. It covers wide products. It is designed to replace EN 10051 for which covers wide products in all grades of steel. Covers tolerances on thickness, width, length, flatness, out of squareness, edge camber and crown.

  3. Tolerances to ISO 9445 for cold rolled narrow and wide strip, plate/sheet and cut lengths

    A summary of the requirements of ISO 9445 for cold rolled narrow and wide strip. This standard is designed to supersede EN 10258 for narrow strip and EN 10259 for wide strip and bring all cold rolled products into one document. There are no significant changes in the tolerances themselves.

  4. Trade names associated with stainless steels

    A numeric / alphabetic list of trade names relating to stainless steel grades and products. Includes some frequently requested, such as Abrazo, Abro, Alloy 160, Aluchrom, Aquamet, Brightray, Chichester, Colorcoat, Corrbloc, Corten, Crominox, Cromweld, 3Cr12, CRES, Cronifer, Cronix, Cunifer, Damac, DL12, Delcrome, Deloro, Dessox, Duranel, Durasteel, Durbar, Durehete, E-Brite, 26-1, Esshete, FDP, FMB, Fecralloy, Ferralium, Hastelloy, Haynes Hi-proof HR, 3C, HWT, Hydroloy, Hyform, Hyplus, Hypress, Incoloy, Inconel, Immac 5, Immaculate, V IN744X, INOX, Invar, Nilo 36, Jetehete, Kanthal, Kromar, D70, M153D, Macalloy, Meehanite, MEK, Meten 9, NACE, Nichrome, Nicorros, Nicrofer, Nimar, Nimonic, Niresist, Niroflex, Nirosta, Nitronic, Nuovinox, Pernifer, Planclad, Polaris, Poral, Prodec, Red Diamond, Red Fox, Remanit, Silver Fox SS400, St37, Stavax, Staybrite, Steelex, Superdux 64, Triclad, Trinsul, Triply, Tufftriding, Uginox, Ultimet, Uranus, V2A, V4A, Waukesha. LAST UPDATED 20th October 2004.

  5. Welding of Stainless Steel

    An overview of welding stainless steels is given, with particular reference to the various welding methods that can be used. These include Gas Tungsten Arc Welding, (GTAW or TIG), Plasma Arc Welding, (PAW), Shielded Metal Arc Welding, (SMAW or MMA), Gas Metal Arc Welding, (GMAW or MIG / MAG), Flux Cored Arc Welding, (FCAW or FCW), Submerged Arc Welding, (SAW), Electric Resistance Welding, (ERW), Laser Welding. Standards mentioned include BS EN 1600, BS EN 12072, BS EN 12073, BS EN 760, BS EN 287 Part1, (Approved testing of welders for fusion welding), BS EN 288 Part 3, Welding Procedure tests for the arc welding of steels.

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