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Category: Stainless Steelmaking

  1. End of life vehicles (ELV) European directive on lead, mercury, cadmium and hexavalent chromium

    The European ‘ELV’ directive 2000/53/EC should not have a detrimental affect on stainless steels intended for applications in automobiles. Analysis work done so far shows that the levels of lead, mercury and cadmium are well below the levels currently understood to be the limits. Stainless steels do not contain hexavalent chromium and so this requirement is not relevant.

  2. Glossary of stainless steel terms for non-technical users

    This article has a listing of terms often specifically associated with stainless steels, their processing and use. Terms listed include, active, annealing, austenite, austenitising, bright annealing, cathodic protection, chlorides, (halides), cold and hot working, corrosion, creep, deep drawing, duplex, fatigue, (endurance),ferrite, martensite, normalising, passive, passivation, permeability, pH, pickling, pinch pass, pitting, precipitation hardening, scaling temperature, sensitisation, stabilisation, stress relieving, stretch forming and tempering

  3. Selection of stainless steels for surgical implants

    The special compositions, non-metallic inclusion, ferrite and grain size requirements of these steel grades, D and E specified for surgical implants are outlined. Commercially produced 316 type steels cannot be used for surgical implants as the available composition and micro-cleanness information is very unlikely to meet the requirements of BS 7252-1 ISO 5832-1.

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