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Category: Melting Temperature Ranges

  1. Fire resistance rating and testing of stainless steels

    Stainless steels do not have an intrinsic ‘fire rating’. Tests to assess fire resistance are performed on specific fabrications under precise conditions to BS476 parts 20, 21, (load-bearing elements), and 22, (non-load-bearing elements). Fire tests results on some specific products demonstrate the good fire resisting properties of stainless steels in building and ship bulkhead applications. (186)

  2. Melting temperature ranges for stainless steels

    Stainless steels are alloys and therefore do not melt and freeze at a fixed temperature, as do metallic elements, but over a temperature range, depending on the chemical composition of the steel. Melting range does not directly affect the creep strength or oxidation resistance of individual stainless steels. A table of melting ranges for some of the common stainless steel grades is shown.

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