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Category: Mechanical Polishing

  1. More Than Just Scratching the Surface – A Practical Approach to Surface Finish

    This article describes the practical issues surrounding the definition of surface finishes on stainless steel. It provides guidance on how to agree a suitable surface finish between the end user and supplier. The author has many years of experience in this field.

  2. Specifying mechanically polished, brushed and buffed stainless steel finishes and their applications

    Mechanical finishes for stainless steels are covered as finish codes G, J, K and P in BS EN 10088-2 and G and P in BS EN 10088-3. Terms grinding, (ground), polishing, (polished), brushing, (brushed), satin and buffing, (buffed), are discussed and compared with codes used previously in BS 1449-2 and currently in ASTM A480 for flat products. Contamination rust staining on mechanically polished stainless steel surfaces is often the result of using contaminated finishing media.

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