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  1. Ambient temperature mechanical properties of cold worked wire to EN 10088-3

    EN 10088-3 is the European Standard for stainless steel long products. It includes a provision for wire in the cold worked condition. Although this is not strictly for spring wire, (which is EN 10270-3), the properties shown in Table 18 are such that springs could be made from material in this condition

  2. BSSA Understanding Stainless Steel – Centenary Edition

    To coincide with the centenary of the discovery of stainless steel made by Harry Brearley in Sheffield during 1913 we have been revising the very popular publication ‘Understanding Stainless Steel’.

    The new centenary edition is now available!

    This includes additional features such as:
    – Recent developments in grades
    – Information on the latest Surface Finishing Techniques
    – Updated images throughout

    Our technical advisor Alan Harrison has been working on the book to help everyone along the supply chain gain a basic understanding of Stainless Steel.

    The idea for this book grew out of a series of “Starter Workshops” run by the British Stainless Steel Association (BSSA). These 1-day seminars are designed for those who have little or no knowledge of stainless steel or who need a refresher in the basics. “Understanding Stainless Steel” complements the “Starter Workshops” and will help those involved in specifying, designing, buying, selling or fabricating this versatile product.

    Click  here to download a sample from the book to give you a flavour of its contents.

    Chapter Headings of the book;

    The World of Stainless Steel – a brief overview of applications

    History of Stainless Steels

    A Little Metallurgy – basic concepts, atoms, compounds etc

    Why is stainless steel “stainless”? – explanation of the passive layer

    The Structure of Stainless Steels – ferritic, austenitic, martensitic, duplex, precipitation hardening

    Types of Stainless Steel – pros and cons of ferritic, austenitic, martensitic, duplex, PH grades

    Grade of Stainless Steel – common grades of each basic type with AISI EN equivalents

    Magnetic Properties – stainless steels are non-magnetic. Yes and No.

    The Testing of Stainless Steels – how to read a test certificate

    Corrosion of Stainless Steels

    High Temperature Properties

    Physical Properties

    Ingredients of Stainless Steel – the effects of the elements in stainless steel and grades which show this effect

    The Manufacture of Stainless Steel – overview of process routes

    Surface Finishes – range of available finishes and influence on corrosion resistance

    Fabrication of Stainless Steels

    Material Selection

    Recycling of Stainless Steel

    The Basics of Stainless Steel – summary of most important issues

    Common Standards for Stainless Steel – summary of applicable EN standards for stainless steels

    Stainless Steel Quiz – test your new knowledge

    Glossary of Terms


    Standard Price – £36.00 including UK postage and packaging

    BSSA Member Price – £29.00 including UK postage and packaging

    Overseas Orders:

    EU – £48.00 including P&P – Card payments only

    Rest of the World – £50.00 including P&P – Card payments only

    A 10 per cent discount is available for orders of 5 or more BSSA publications.

    Receive a £5 discount when you book a place on one of our BSSA Starter Workshops.

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  3. European EN Standard Grade Summary

    A summary of the EN standards for stainless steel products showing which grades appear in which standards.

  4. European Standards – Referenced Standards for Stainless Steel Products

    The number of European standards relating to stainless steel grades, mechanical properties and tolerances can be quite complex. This article attempts to summarise the structure of the existing standards in a way that enables you to find which standard you are looking for.

  5. Introduction to Stainless Steel

    Stainless steels are corrosion resistant steels with a minimum of 10.5 per cent of chromium (Cr). The family or type terms ferritic, martensitic, austenitic and duplex are introduced. The main property of stainless steels, their corrosion resistance, is outlined. The affect of chromium, nickel and molybdenum on corrosion resistance is mentioned. Other useful properties of stainless steels, such as their high (oxidation resistance) and low (cryogenic) temperature resistance and work hardening are also mentioned. Welding, brazing and soldering as joining methods are also described briefly. A short list of example grades, such as 1.4016 (430S17) 1.4512 (409S19) ferritics, 1.4028 (420S45) martensitic, 1.4362 1.4462 (2205) duplex, 1.4301 (304) 1.4307 (304S11) 1.4404 (316S31) 1.4541 (321S31) 1.4539 (904L) and 1.4547 (6% Mo) are also shown.

  6. Product Analysis Tolerances for Steels to EN 10088-2 and EN 10088-3

    In EN 10088-2 and EN 10088-3 the chemical composition ranges are defined for the cast analysis. Any subsequent product analysis may deviate from these ranges by the amounts specified in this article

  7. Stay Bright – A History of Stainless Steels in Britain by David Dulieu

    Stay Bright traces the story of the development, production and use of high chromium stainless, corrosion and heat resisting steels in Britain.

    Stay Bright chronicles the fortunes of the British companies manufacturing stainless steels; it tracks international alliances and rivalries and charts the history through times of economic boom and recession. It follows the twists of fate of those involved through world war, cold war, nationalisation and the impact of globalised industrial manufacturing.

    Few materials can claim to have made such an impact on modern life; this is how they did it in Britain.


    Standard Price – £20.00 including UK postage and packaging

    Overseas Orders:

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