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Category: General Design Issues

  1. EN 1090 – A Guide for Stainless Steel

    A guide to EN 1090 for stainless steel related issues

  2. Online Stainless Steel in Construction Information Centre

    The Online Stainless Steel in Construction Information Centre has become available.

  3. Removing Barriers to Good Design

    Paper delivered by Roger Sale at BSSA Conference 2000

  4. Resources for Architects

    This publication has been prepared by the BSSA for the RIBA CPD Providers Network. It lists sources of information from the BSSA website (articles and publications), the Nickel Institute, Steel Construction Institute, Euro Inox, Outokumpu, and the Australian and South African Stainless Steel Development Associations. These are grouped in topics that include Designing for Durability, Surface Finishes, Fabrication, Environmental Issues, Source of Supply, Architectural and Structural Applications.

  5. SCI Stainless Design Guidance and Software for Engineers and Architects

    SCI Design Guide for stainless steel

  6. Stainless Steel as a Lightweight Automotive Material

    Paper originally delivered at the BSSA Conference ‘Stainless Solutions for a Sustainable Future’ held in Rotherham on 3rd April 2003. This paper describes a study where 2 high strength austenitic stainless steels and 3 carbon steels used at Volvo Cars Body Components, were compared. The differences in formability and crash absorbing capability of specific components made from these steels, during plastic deformation, are shown. Tensile (stress-strain curves) and forming limit curves are compared. Forming limit dome tests are better for assessing steels subject to microstructural changes during deformation. Component stamping trials are described and analysed.

  7. Structural Sections in Stainless Steel

    Structural stainless steel sections are being used increasingly as the particular characteristics of stainless steel are more widely understood. This article provides a link to the Stainless Steel Sections Directory which shows data on the sections available and the potential suppliers of such sections

  8. Working with Stainless Steels

    The importance of good design and surface finish selection for the successful fabrication of stainless steel is outlined along with some of the properties that can affect the fabrication and performance of stainless steels. These include thermal conductivity, thermal expansion coefficient and the risks of galling (pick-up).The hazard of iron contamination from carbon steel pick-up is mentioned and that welding oxide or heat treatment scale should be removed prior to service.


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