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Category: Electropolishing & Electroplating

  1. Electropolishing of Complex Shapes

    John Swain of Anopol explains the benefits of electropolishing on complex shapes.

  2. Electropolishing of stainless steels

    The process used for electropolishing is outlined, (anodic dissolution in phosphoric / sulphuric acid electrolytes). The benefits of electropolished finishes are summarised and a list of typical application industries and specific products given. Safety issues are briefly noted and the need to employ the services of competent specialists for electropolishing is stressed. Electropolished surfaces should be fully passive and no further passivation treatments are necessary.

  3. Practical Advice on Post Weld Treatment – Beware the Shoddy Finish

    Practical advice on the “hows” and “whys” of post weld surface treatments. Why removal of weld heat tint should be be the norm for stainless steel.

  4. Rouging of stainless steel in high purity water systems

    Rouging is sometimes found in high purity hot water systems, usually appearing as a thin red or black powdery or ‘slimy’ deposit. The possible causes and mechanisms of rouging are described along with suggestions on how it can be avoided. Removal of rouge deposits is also discussed.

  5. Safety in the Electropolishing of Large Vessels

    (Health and Safety Executive Sector Information Minute SIM 3/2002/24)

  6. Surface Roughness and Electropolishing

    When it comes to comparing simple surface roughness Ra values, it is possible to make the wrong conclusions, particularly when comparing different types of surface. John Swain of Anopol explains how this can happen

  7. The Then and Now of Electropolishing

    An overview of electropolishing by John Swain of Anopol Ltd, an experienced exponent of the electropolishing process

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