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Category: Designing to Avoid Corrosion

  1. General principles for selection of stainless steels

    The main factor in the selection process for stainless steels is corrosion resistance. Careful consideration of the application should be done to enable a choice of grade with suitable corrosion resistance whilst keeping costs to an economic minimum. Other considerations such as mechanical properties (strength and toughness), physical properties (magnetic permeability) and forming, fabrication and joining methods available should be secondary. (91)

  2. Grade selection to avoid localised forms of corrosion

    Appropriate grade selection is a balance between attaining adequate corrosion resistance, whilst minimising cost. Useful aids to material selection include the Outokumpu Stainless Corrosion Handbook and the Nickel Institute’s Crevice Corrosion Engineering Guide.

  3. Welding with Digital Root Penetration Technology

    The optimisation of corrosion resistance and cleanability through the use of Automatic Penetration Control. Author – Ko Buis of Van Leeuwen Stainless. Reprinted from Stainless Steel World July/August 2007.

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