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BSSA - British Stainless Steel Association

What is the BSSA ?

The British Stainless Steel Association, (BSSA), exists to promote and develop the manufacture and use of stainless steel across the UK and Ireland. Based in Sheffield, the Association provides marketing support, technical advice, information, training and education in all aspects of stainless steel.

Originally formed as an association of stainless steel fabricators, the BSSA has steadily increased the scope and range of activities over the years. Its strength lies in the breadth of its membership drawn from companies in all sectors of the industry and at all stages of the supply chain. It is representative of a broad cross-section of UK Industry: from larger multinational companies to smaller, family owned enterprises.

The primary objective of the BSSA is to encourage the use of stainless steel in manufacturing and construction. The active involvement of members is encouraged through participation in forums and working groups dedicated to areas of specific interest.

The BSSA is itself a member of The International Stainless Steel Forum, (ISSF), the Confederation of British Industry, (CBI), and Sheffield Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It also works closely with other partner organisations such as the Metals Forum and The Engineering Industry Forum, benefiting from their specialist knowledge and support, whilst representing the interests of the stainless steel industry to a wider forum.

BSSA Competition Law Compliance Statement

The British Stainless Steel Association is committed to full compliance with relevant competition or antitrust laws. Members are reminded that it is an offence under UK and EU competition law to collude in anti-competitive behaviour or to share or announce information that could influence the market behaviour of competitors.  Amongst other things, members are required not to announce or signal price intentions or to attempt to influence the commercial policy of other members.

Membership of the BSSA is open to companies or associations with a registered office in the UK or Ireland.

Office address:

The Innovation Centre
217 Portobello
S1 4DP

Enquiries Tel: 0114 551 8170  

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