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BS 6744 2016 (May) Update - Stainless Steel Bars, Reinforcement of Concrete

Stainless steel bars – Reinforcement of concrete – Requirements and test methods

This European Standard specifies the requirements and test methods for solid stainless steel bars used for the reinforcement of concrete. It is applicable to ribbed stainless steel bars in grade 500. Several significant changes have been made to the earlier standard version, i.e. BS6744:2001 + A2:2009, ‘Stainless steel bars for the reinforcement of and use in concrete – Requirements and test methods’, and these include:

  • The standard is applicable to ribbed bars that have been formed by cold or hot working processes to strength grade 500MPa
  • The higher strength grade such as 650MPa ribbed bar is included in an informative annex, (Annex I), that highlights the risk concerning constitutive relationships, (Annex E of BS EN 6744: 2016)
  • Smooth/plain/dowel bars have been removed with the exception of 500MPa bar which is now covered in an informative annex, (see note below)
  • Introduction of a predictive, electrochemical test method for determining the corrosion resistance of stainless steel reinforcing bar in chloride contaminated concrete, (adapted from BS EN 480-14: 2006)


Companies that supply smooth/plain/dowel bar previously covered by BS 6744:2001 + A2: 2009 could consider selling these products under BS EN 10088 Part 5, (bars for construction purposes).  As this is a harmonised standard, this would require CE marking and therefore additional costs for those companies not currently suitably certified; this is considered to be more appropriate than referencing the “pavement” specification standard BS13877-3 – Part 3.

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