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BSSA Stainless Steel Specialist Course

Everything you ever wanted to know about Stainless Steel – A specialist course developed to suit your needs!

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The BSSA Stainless Steel Specialist Course is an educational tool which sets an industry standard for knowledge of stainless steel. Providing comprehensive information about all aspects regarding stainless steel, the course not only offers a practical learning framework but is an ideal reference tool for future use. Since its introduction in 2002, the course has already proved its worth both to companies and individuals wishing to raise performance and improve customer service.


  • A full understanding of stainless steel and its applications
  • An authoritative and up-to-date long term reference document
  • Flexibility to complete the course at your own pace and in your own time
  • Suitable for people new to the industry and as a refresher course for the more experienced employee
  • Modular form of course gives the flexibility to tailor the training to suit the individual and company’s needs
  • Provides an industry wide standard
  • A recognised transferable qualification
  • Raises the knowledge level and supports the longer term growth of the stainless steel market