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On Thursday 12th October the BSSA and MEPS held an online seminar about CBAM. The recording, and a copy of the slides from the webinar have now been published.

The agenda covered:


· Why CBAM has been introduced
· EU climate obligations
· The current Emissions Trading Scheme and Allowances
· Carbon leakage – Why is a border tax necessary?

· Explanation of CBAM
* What emissions are covered?
* How emissions levels are calculated
* How this affects
* Who it will affect.
* Similar schemes and challenges

· Preliminary period – October 2023 to Jan 2026
* What do I need to report?
* How do I get this information?
* Who do I report it to?
* What are the penalties if I don’t?
* What will the EU use the information for?

· Definitive Period – 2026 onwards
* Certificates
* Phasing of free allowances
* Planned changes/tightening of rules

CBAM & UK stainless steel
· What do I need to do now?
· Effect to those exporting to the EU
· And those importing from the EU
* UK CBAM scheme consultation
· Potential opportunities for UK based traders

Please find the following link to the recording:

The Q&A’s are still under review, but these will be sent on competition.

We also request that you spare us about 3 minutes of your time to complete a very short survey about the webinar and CBAM.

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BSSA MEPS CBAM Presentation Oct 2023