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BSSA Images & Video Library

📽️📷 BSSA Members – We need your help! 📷📽️

We want your stainless steel images & videos!

We would like to create a BSSA Images & Video Library consisting of stainless steel images and videos provided by our members, or photos taken/ videos made while visiting member companies. For example, they could be images/ videos promoting your stainless steel product or service, or of a project that your company has worked on.

Our images & video library will be a resource for BSSA staff to use when creating news items, posting via our social media channels and for general marketing and promotional purposes. Any images and videos used will be credited to you, your company, and the photographer/ videographer.

This a fabulous way for the BSSA to further promote your company and stainless steel!

Please email: for our secure Dropbox details.