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BS EN 10088-1:2023 – TC Stainless steels – List of stainless steels

What is BS EN 10088-1:2023 – List of stainless steels about?

The first in a five-part series of European standards specifying stainless steels, BS EN 10088-1:2023 lists stainless steels and specifies the composition of chemical elements.

Who is BS EN 10088-1:2023 – List of stainless steels for?

Those who would benefit from using the standard include:

  • steel manufacturers
  • purchasers
  • steel users/suppliers
  • industrial equipment manufacturers & engineering services
  • universities/students

What does BS EN 10088-1:2023 – List of stainless steels cover?

BS EN 10088-1:2023 lists the chemical composition of stainless steels, which are subdivided in accordance with their main properties into corrosion resistant steels, heat resistant steels and creep resistance steels, and specified.

Why should you use BS EN 10088-1:2023 – List of stainless steels?

  • It gives important information on the classification, composition and technical specifications of stainless steels, helping manufacturers, engineers and other stakeholders build confidence in the quality, consistency and compatibility of stainless steels.
  • It helps smooth market access, helps make supply chains more efficient and protects reputations.
  • It enables purchasers to precisely specify the required grade of steels and users to guarantee that the required specification for chemical composite is met by the manufacturer.
  • The revised BS EN 10088-1:2023 introduces new steel grades and removes older grades that are out of use, streamlining the standard and improving clarity for users.

What’s changed?

BS EN 10088-1:20233 supersedes BS EN 10088-1:2014, which has been technically revised. The following technical modifications have been made:

  • addition of austenitic grades, austenitic-ferritic (duplex) grades, martensitic grade
  • change in chemical compositions of some austenitic grades, ferritic grade and martensitic grades
  • removal of some austenitic grades and austenitic-ferritic (duplex) grades