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BS EN 10088-1:2014 has been updated

BS EN 10088-1:2014

What is BS EN 10088-1- Stainless steel specifications about? 

BS EN 10088 is a series of European standards on stainless steel that discusses characteristics of stainless steel and the best procedures and specifications required for manufacturing high-quality stainless steel. BS EN 10088-1 is the first part of a series of documents on stainless steel. BS EN 10088-1 lists the chemical composition of stainless steels, which are subdivided by their main properties into corrosion resisting steels, heat-resisting steels, and creep resisting steels.

Who is BS EN 10088-1- Stainless steel specifications for? 

BS EN 10088-1 on stainless steel is relevant to:

  • Manufacturer of stainless steel
  • Stainless steel research laboratories

Why should you use 10088-1- Stainless steel specifications?

Stainless steel is a durable and affordable metal that is used for a wide variety of purposes. It’s strong, making it perfect for construction purposes, and it’s corrosion-resistant, so it can last a long time without being replaced or breaking.

BS EN 10088-1 on stainless steel offers the most up-to-date guidance on specifications and composition of materials relating to stainless steel products. It lists the chemical composition of stainless steels, subdivided by their main properties into:

  • Corrosion resisting steels
  • Heat-resisting steels
  • Creep resisting steels

As a user of BS EN 10088-1, you can be ensured of the chemical composition of stainless steel. With obedience and compliance to BS EN 10088-1, you can efficiently manufacture high-quality stainless steel for the desired purpose. BS EN 10088-1 helps you to build consumer trust and confidence in the product. With BS EN 10088-1 you can be ensured that the products consistently meet and exceed quality assurance targets.

What’s changed since the last update? 

BS EN 10088-1:2014 supersedes BS EN 10088-1:2005 which is withdrawn.

The major changes compared to the previous edition are

  • Addition of austenitic grades 1.4615 (also part 3), 1.4618 (2), 1.4376 (2), 1.4640 (2), 1.4646 (2, 3), 1.4020 (3), 1.4378 (3), addition of austenitic-ferritic (duplex) grades 1.4162 (2, 3), 1.4662 (2, 3), 1.4658 (3), 1.4482 (2, 3), 1.4062 (2, 3), 1.4669 (3), addition of ferritic grades 1.4621 (2), 1.4600 (2), 1.4607 (2), 1.4611 (2, 3), 1.4613 (2, 3), 1.4630 (2), 1.4634 (2),addition of martensitic grade 1.4150 (3), addition of precipitation hardening grade 1.4612 (3)
  • Chemical composition was changed for the following grades: austenitic grade 1.4371, 1.4597, austenitic-ferritic grade 1.4362