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Big thanks to everyone involved in our successful food & beverage event 🙏

Earlier this month, BSSA, Nickel Institute and EHEDGE collaborated to bring you our first Stainless Steel in the Food & Beverage Industry Seminar.

The seminar took place at The Warwickshire Hotel, Leek Wootton, near Warwick and comprised of experts from across the industry discussing all things stainless steel in the food & beverage industry.

Thanks to Benoît Van Hecke of the Nickel Institute and Eric Partington, European Consultant to the Nickel Institute and Chair of the Regional Section of EHEDG. It was a pleasure collaborating with you!

We would like to thank the delegates for a fantastic attendance despite the snowy driving conditions ☃️

Thanks to our industry experts for their informative, thought provoking presentations: Benoit Van Hecke, Nickel Institute; Eric Partington, Nickel Institute/ EHEDG; Tony Newson, Consultant; Rob Cooper, BSSA; Peter Littleton, Crysteyns; David Cass, Anopol; Kirsty Davies-Chinnock, Professional Polishing Services; Steve Arnold, SMC Pneumatics; Andrew Wall, Moeschle (UK); Sarah Bagnall, R-Tech Materials.

Thanks to BSSA Chair and MD of Professional Polishing Services Kirsty Davies-Chinnock for saving the day presenting the Electropolishing presentation at the last minute. You did an incredible job; we cannot thank you enough! 👏

Delegate Feedback and Main Takeaways from the event:

“The seminar seemed very relevant to the equipment that we produce and we thought it would be an informative learning experience”

“Improve my understanding in the use and treatment of stainless steels”

“That product contact surfaces encompass a lot more than most people would intuitively think. This needs to be considered in the design stage and in maintenance procedures”

“Choosing the correct grade and finish for each different product. Plus failure analysis”

“BRCGS 9th Edition opportunities”

“Food hygiene regs & modes of corrosion”

“New insights to the challenges faced by others involved in food contact materials and articles”

We look forward to seeing you at our future events

Stainless Steel; the sustainable choice ♻️ 💚

Images courtesy of Comton Group