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April Employment Law Changes

I’m reaching out to remind you of the latest employment law changes that have come into play, it’s the most critical time for HR in 2024! There are almost 10 changes employers need to be aware of, these changes are:

  • Updated flexible working system
  • Brand new right to take carer’s leave
  • Updated paternity leave rules
  • New protection for pregnant employees during a redundancy exercise, and for parents who return from maternity/adoption/shared parental leave
  • Increased statutory sick pay (SSP) rates
  • Increased redundancy pay/guarantee pay/unfair dismissal compensation rates
  • Increased statutory maternity/adoption/paternity etc rates
  • Increases to National Minimum Wage rates, and the extension of the National Living Wage band to include workers aged 21+
  • Changes to how holiday entitlement and holiday pay are calculated for irregular hours workers and part year workers

Further details can be founded in the attached HR Horizon PDF