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Aperam Sustainability Report is Available

As a CO2e footprint (Scope 1+2) leading company in our market, we are proud to present the improvement of our results, from 0.32 in 2022 to 0.28 tCO2e/tcs in 2023, ahead of our 2030 goal and well below the sector’s average. This good performance is based on Aperam’s differentiated value chain with three strategic advantages:

·       Our optimised use of steel scrap in Europe, made possible by the integration of the former ELG, now Aperam Recycling;

·       The charcoal that replaces extractive coke into our Brazilian Blast Furnaces;

·       The sequestration capabilities of our FSC®-certified forestry management;

The repeat A- rating we received from CDP Climate confirmed the consistency of our approach.