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Announcing the CBAMBOO Platform, available today for EU-based importers and manufacturers worldwide

Today we launch the CBAMBOO Platform, available immediately to users worldwide!
The CBAMBOO Platform is the fastest and most reliable way for firms to comply with new obligations under CBAM – the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism, the EU’s flagship climate policy.

We set up CBAMBOO last year with a mission to accelerate the decarbonisation of industry. Over time, we will build the essential carbon intelligence platform for a future of product-based carbon prices.

The CBAMBOO Platform is the first step. Our customers can take control of their CBAM data collection with a purpose-built, cloud-hosted compliance solution that is intuitive to learn and easy to use.

We couldn’t be more excited to be launching today, and we would love to show you around our new creation.

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Breakthroughs in ease of use

Key features include:

    • The CBAMBOO Network. Every supplier in the value chain can build a secure and private data page that updates dynamically as new information becomes available. Companies today face extreme challenges when they rely on email-based workflows to get CBAM data. The CBAMBOO Network slashes this friction.
    • CBAMBOO Carbon Flow. Carbon Flow offers a simple, visual interface for goods producers to map out process flows in their facilities, and track carbon emissions from source to factory gate. There are no spreadsheets to complete. Every CBAMBOO customer can give their suppliers access to CBAMBOO Carbon Flow for free.
    • XML generation and report management. Quarterly CBAM reports are automatically generated in XML format. These files can then be uploaded to the European Commission’s Transitional Registry in a single click, saving hours of work. Draft reports can also be generated in PDF format.
    • World-class CBAM support. CBAMBOO offers support and advice both for its direct customers and for their suppliers, to ensure that data is collected that is accurate, timely and complete. Because of CBAMBOO’s 100% focus on CBAM, we have an unrivalled ability to assist companies around the world with the complex requirements of the new law.

The journey begins

CBAMBOO is building the operating system for the world’s carbon border taxes. Today’s announcement is the start of our journey to realise that vision.
It also comes on the day that EU importers are required, by law, to get data from deep into their supply chains about the exact carbon emissions embedded in those products.It’s a tough challenge for trade compliance and sustainability leads. Our customers have been searching high and low for help with CBAM’s strict requirements.
But we spent the past year listening to exactly what they need. And we built the CBAMBOO Platform from the ground up to fit the demands of the CBAM legislation.Why not give it a try today?

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