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Announcement of Stainless Steel Industry Awards 2024

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The worldstainless will continue its industry awards, which recognise excellence in the areas of Safety and Sustainability at our members’ plants. The Awards will be presented in four categories: Market Development, Technology, Safety and Sustainability. The entries which are judged to be the best among those submitted, will be awarded with First, Second and Third Prize Awards in each category. The Awards will be presented during the worldstainless annual conference scheduled for May 2024.

The following entry rules will apply:

Members may submit as many applications as they wish.
Photographs should be sent as separate .jpg files with high definition, suitable for printing.
Members should submit their company logos as separate files (high resolution images), which are also suitable for printing.
Members should submit their entries before 29 Mar 2024, using the attached form.

The submissions contain valuable and useful information which can be used by other members to benchmark or improve their performance. This will not only place emphasis on the importance of sustainability to the stainless steel industry, but it will also enhance the image of the industry.

2024 Stainless Steel Awards Entry form