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An Introduction to Stainless Steel Polishing – Online Training Course – Wed 14th April 2021

Professional Polishing Services are delighted to launch their online bespoke training course for stockholders and fabricators ‘An Introduction to Stainless Steel Polishing‘.

Focusing on everyday questions such as;

  • Austenitic versus Ferritic material performance
  • Abrasive media finish comparisons
  • Common defects and surface stock removal
  • Choosing the right finish for the right application and environment

The course is designed to show how polishing is a value-added service and how it can enhance your products whilst raising common quality issues seen in the substrate.

Presented by Managing Director Kirsty Davies-Chinnock, the courses are designed to be Company-centric giving a safe space for questions to be asked amongst your colleagues.

Each course takes approximately 45 minutes and is designed to add to your Company’s knowledge pool.

Bookings are now being taken for June so contact to book your company’s slot, free of charge, or contact Kirsty direct.