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Adam Bradley: Giving Back to your Community and Inspiring the Upcoming Generation Z and Alpha Workforces

🎉 Let’s take a moment to appreciate the hard work and dedication of Adam Bradley, BSSA Vice Chair and Director of Corrosion Resistant Materials Ltd. He generously shares his knowledge, inspires young people in their career journeys, and advocates for careers and apprenticeships in manufacturing and engineering for the upcoming workforce!

Adam believes in businesses giving back to their communities. He supports local schools and universities by engaging in various activities including giving talks at assemblies, participating in career fairs, providing work experience, helping with student projects and mock interviews, to name a few. Over the past year, Adam has been actively involved with schools like Wath Academy, Swinton Academy, Brinsworth Academy, Maltby Academy, Wingfield Academy, and Sheffield Hallam University.

According to Adam, it is crucial to remember that ‘the students of today are the future of our sector. A 12 year old today will be 18 in 2030 (not too far away)‘.

If you are interested in contributing in a similar way, please feel free to reach out to Adam. He is happy to share his experiences and knowledge in this area.

Our industry is vibrant and full of opportunities. Let’s inspire the next generation and give back to our communities today, ensuring that our industry remains attractive to tomorrow’s workforce. Attracting Generation Z and Alpha to the metals, manufacturing, and engineering sectors requires understanding their unique qualities and beliefs. By aligning with these, our industry can position itself as an exciting and forward-thinking sector. Staying relevant to this generation will involve continuous adaptation to trends and a proactive approach to technological and digital integration, inclusivity, equality, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility in our ever-changing multicultural world.

National Apprenticeship Week 05th-11th February 2024

Corrosion Resistant Materials

Adam Bradley and students from Sheffield Hallam University – Adam sat on a ‘Dragons Den’ style judging panel for student start up companies project.