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Action required: Decarbonisation Best Practice

The BSSA is an active member with MAKE UK. Please respond to the following request for information:

I work for Make UK, the manufacturers’ organisation, and I am working with my colleague Brigitte Amoruso, who leads on Climate Change and Energy policy, to carry out research into what our members are doing to help them meet the UK’s Net Zero targets.

As one of our members, I am writing to you because we are looking to gather case studies of industry best practice focusing on energy efficiency, on-site renewable generation, and resource efficiency. I am also interested to know what barriers you have faced or are facing in your efforts to decarbonise.

Our findings will feed into a Simple Guide to Net Zero we are writing to advise our members on best practice, and will also inform our future policy reports on driving energy efficiency in UK manufacturing. We use these to help industry and to inform government about industry’s needs.

I am looking for members who participate in an interview, and have selected your organisation as a potential interviewee. If you are interested in sharing your efforts to decarbonise, its benefits and any barriers you have encountered, please get in touch. We’d also value writing up a case study based on your answers, that could feed into our planned report on Driving Energy efficiencies and/or our Guide to Net Zero, and add to our collection on our website. 

If you are interested in participating, could you please respond to let Annette ( know by midday on Friday 3rd March. I will then send you a list of guiding questions so that you can think about responses in advance; we can then run through these during an online Teams call at a time of your convenience at some point in March or early April. We envisage the interview lasting 30 minutes to 1 hour and it can take place remotely. This would allow me to ask you any follow-up questions that might arise.   

Your support on this project would be greatly appreciated. Not only would it showcase the excellent work our industry is doing to decarbonise, it would help us to identify where manufacturers could benefit from further support from government.