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MEPS to share steel price insight with Czech industry

MEPS’s researchers based at its UK headquarters, and in key steel markets across the globe, gather information from market participants across five continents before applying the methodology which delivers reliable

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UK opens consultation on emissions-based import rules

The UK Government has launched a consultation on its planned introduction of an emissions-based carbon border adjustment mechanism (UK CBAM) for imports. Plans for the UK scheme, which is set

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Stainless Steel: A Game-Changer in Water Conservation Efforts on World Water Day 2024 💦

As the world observes World Water Day today, let’s take a moment to shine the spotlight on innovative solutions to conserve this precious resource. One such solution taking centre stage

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HMRC – Retrospective Import Duty charged to the steel industry

Following Rob’s involvement on behalf of the BSSA members along with CBM, INST and NASS, discussions were held earlier this week with HMRC and DBT. The following announcement is the

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Consultation on the introduction of a UK carbon border adjustment mechanism

There is a consultation open regarding the introduction of a UK Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM). As an industry that is already being effected by the EU CBAM and as

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worldstainless Application-Aligned Materials Sustainability Modelling

Over the last 3 months the worldstainless team has been developing a new materials sustainability model based on a complex bridge. The model is almost complete and will be presented

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European price decline dents green steel enquiries

Automotive, energy and construction sectors continue to target net zero. Nonetheless, many respondents to MEPS’s March research suggest that stronger commitments are needed from end-users in order to ensure an

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Stainless steel twisted tube pendant is a ‘simple yet effective’ way to reduce symptoms of anxiety

Stainless steel tube manufacturer supports mental wellbeing service by supplying 100 anti-anxiety tube pendants A recently launched stainless steel pendant named ‘The Breathe’ is proving to be a remarkably efficient

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HSE IS INSPECTING MANUFACTURING BUSINESSES THAT USE METALWORKING FLUIDS OR COOLANTS IN THEIR MACHINING PROCESSES. Inspectors are focusing on how employers ensure workers are protected from exposure to fluid or mist

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Rising energy prices, the impact of life after the EU and labour shortages continue to be the main challenges facing the UK metals sector according to a new report released September 13 from the UK Metals Council.

The UK Metals Council recently released a report highlighting the key challenges facing the UK metals sector, including rising energy prices, the aftermath of Brexit, and labor shortages. According to

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