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Microwave safe stainless steel food containers

This Saturday, 30 March, it is International Zero Waste Day. The United Nations established this day to draw public attention to the need to address the global waste problem and promote sustainable practices aimed at achieving zero waste. Stainless steel microwave-safe food containers can help here reducing food waste and the waste streams of single-use food containers.

When you have leftovers, are meal-prepping, or taking a lunch to work or school, … a new revolution can now help you: stainless steel microwave-safe food containers. You only need one box to store, freeze, and reheat your food. After use, you just clean and reuse. No more food waste and no more single-use packaging waste.

Traditionally, metal food containers have been prohibited from being used in microwave ovens due to electrical arcing inside the ovens. Today it is easy to find microwave-safe stainless steel food containers in a variety of selling outlets, including popular online selling platforms. Most stainless steel food containers are made of 304 grade (18/8 stainless), and new microwave-safe containers have had their corners specially designed so they do not cause problems when used in a microwave oven.

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