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Outokumpu finds rail market for recycled-content stainless steel

Outokumpu has entered into an agreement with Siemens AG, a multinational company based in Germany.

Siemens will source 98 percent recycled-content Circle Green-branded stainless steel from Outokumpu for use in manufacturing medium-voltage switchgear for the railroad sector.

Importance of Sustainable Stainless Steel:

The collaboration emphasizes the importance of sustainable stainless steel in meeting rising energy demand and achieving green solutions.

Niklas Wass, the president of the Stainless Europe business line for Outokumpu, highlights that sustainable stainless steel is crucial for the future of green energy transition.

Circle Green Production and Low Emission Levels:

Outokumpu’s Circle Green production is claimed to be the first of its kind globally, achieving 98 percent recycled content.

The production process is noted for its low emission levels, with Outokumpu asserting that no other stainless steel manufacturer has achieved such low emissions throughout the entire production chain.

Industrial Decarbonization and Net-Zero Targets:

Siemens sees the collaboration as a step towards industrial decarbonization, aligning with global efforts to reduce carbon emissions and reach ambitious net-zero targets.

Stephan May, CEO of Electrification and Automation at Siemens Smart Infrastructure, commends Outokumpu for its dedication to accelerating the industrial decarbonization of stainless-steel production.

Reduced Carbon Footprint of Circle Green Production:

Outokumpu claims that Circle Green production achieves a 93 percent lower carbon footprint by utilising 100 percent low-carbon electricity, low-carbon raw materials (recycled stainless steel), and reinvented production processes.

Global Impact on Carbon Emissions:

If all stainless steel in the world were produced using methods similar to Circle Green production, Outokumpu estimates a potential reduction of global carbon emissions from the entire stainless steel value chain by 364 million tons per year.

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